In July 7, 2016, Wade (Dwyane Wade) from 13 years of service to Miami, returned to his hometown of Chicago, which makes people suspect is the flash will retire here? The day before Lining Wade joined the Bulls present, this section uses WOW 5 as the design blueprint, the iconic Red Bulls throughout the body of the shoe, and the lining is made of black decoration. way-of-wade-5-coming-home.jpg (359.28 KB, download number: 1) download Lining Wade of Coming Home 5 2016-10-26 08:43 upload way-of-wade-5-coming-home-2.jpg (241.75 KB, download number: 5) download Lining Wade of Coming Home 5 2016-10-26 08:42 upload way-of-wade-5-coming-home-release-date.jpg (55.64 KB, download number: 1) download Lining Wade of Coming Home 5 2016-10-26 08:42 upload way-of-wade-5-coming-home-1.jpg (308.79 KB, download number: 1) download Lining Wade of Coming Home 5 2016-10-26 08:42 uplo cheap jordans for sale ad way-of-wade-5-coming-home-3.jpg (219.09 KB, download number: 1) download Lining Wade of Coming Home 5 2016-10-26 08:42 upload Lining, Wade 5, Coming Home, WOW5 001389842321880_720x450.jpg (48.95 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-1-16 11:50 upload in front of this double has "south coast" style of the Reebok Qustion Mid in white color crafted, collocation blue crystal bottom. Beautiful pink and blue dotted on the shoe body. This shoe is no specific information available, love friends please pay attention to our follow-up reports! 00Offer reminder: Air Jordan 5 Retro "Fire Red" 2013-12-08 23:36:26 in 1990 launch of the Air Jordan was born in this year celebrates its 23 anniversary, to celebrate the 23 anniversary of the birth of this classic shoe, Jordan Brand this year to prepare numerous Air Jordan 5 engraved products. This weekend, this & nbsp; Air Jordan 5 R cheap foamposites etro "Fire Red" will be classical regression. I am sure you loyal fans for Air Jordan Air Jordan 5 appearance already familiar, but for this "Fire Red", small series have to mention is the shoe heel "23" embroidery, which is this year's number is not several multi-engraved version with 23 words, we believe that alone, this & nbsp; Air Jordan 5 Retro "Fire Red" it will set off a reign of terror. August 31, this shoe will be in the world's major Nike and & nbsp; Jordan Brand store sale, priced at $ 160. Nike Air Huarache "Hyper Pink" color physical exposure 2014-02-24 21:07:28 Since Nike engraved classic popular models of Air Huarache, successively brought us include engraved and a new variety of color. This time, and a new "Hyper Pink" color kind on the Internet appeared, black and gray shoes are complemented by pink and blue decorations, feel vitalit Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping y. It is reported that this Air Huarache "Hyper Pink" color is tentatively scheduled for the spring quarter of this year on sale, you fans stay tuned! adidas Originals ZX Flux Winter release 2014-10-12 17:05:50 In order to meet the climatic conditions in autumn and winter, overwhelmed by this year's main push with adidas Originals ZX Flux popular shoes has created a winter version. And this subsection biggest design feature is the use of the famous military Cordura material to create shoes that material in addition to features include a waterproof ripstop characteristics in terms of color designer chose a classic black and white color. The special design to create pull-laces for the shoes to create a different kind of atmosphere, and outdoor shoes overall trend has both the temperament. & nbsp; adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 ballot is now open for registration 2015-0 Retro jordans for sale 6-18 15:40:50 as we continued reports of this pair of adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 350 network registration is now officially accepted the draw it! Shoes for meaning is self-evident trend of the sector, and the story behind it is worth pondering. Shoes will be in stores June 27 designated cities worldwide sale, the price 1699RMB, after their designated website registration information, lottery results will be announced in the June 24, when the winners of friends can go to the designated store to buy with SMS . I wonder if it's the final price will be pushed much into it? Is 1W? Or 5K? & nbsp;Hope you all have a happy Concord, Kobe7 Christmas!! back under the Gu in Hongkong actually very happy!!I think this is 1. 4. although a lot of senior hkd1499 expensive, in fact Hongkong should be the world's most flat pricing! (if you buy / order an important freight / exchange rate overseas cheap jordans for sale mens ), you may have a Yahoo minute discount! by tide Godfather Teng Yuan Hao at fragment design expert package and Japanese have; HEAD PORTER to maintain good relations of cooperation, almost once a year is one of the major events on the cooperation trend circle. This time, the cooperation with Rucksack and (rucksack); Tote Bag modeled with high-grade nylon spinning made appearance with black leather coat, the overall perception is very luxurious. The two joint packages will be available only on , THE , PARK, ING , GINZA , exclusive sale, and friends who want to start, please go to the queue early.Now, jogging as an increasingly popular way of urban health, the elderly, children, men, women are keen on this. Whenever I see sweating, enthusiastic fitness, I think the world famous Nike. Then Nike is seizing American fitness craze of jogging to achieve a great development, it cheap jordan shoes for men seems that domestic enterprises have not been able to feel this huge market space. First, the innovative Nike Nike (Nike) was founded in 1964 by an accountant Phil ?; Knight and a sports coach Bill ?; Martin Coleman co-founded, has become a world-class brand of leadership. Mr. Knight year of the $ 35 just ask a student designed a Nike logo, the famous hook symbol is now worth more than 10 billion US dollars. 40 years of development, Nike has become a business legend, his success is well known, is the virtual production business model, Nike with excellent product design and excellent marketing practices to control the market, but will outsource production processes. Many companies are imitating Nike's virtual production, but very few winners. Why? It should be said, is not a virtual production what puzzling mystery, but because everyone knows that the production processes in the "s Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping mile curve" of most low-end profits thinnest, want to curve toward the high-end development, design and marketing itself a very particular creative field, we want to remain a competitive advantage, companies must maintain a sustained, outstanding ability to innovate. Behind Nike's virtual production, it is respected by the two founders of the innovative spirit. The story is well-known: Bill. Mr. Bowerman inspiration from his wife's waffles pan, and ultimately design a new sports shoe soles. Today, Nike's product design office is still called the "Innovation Kitchen" (Innovation Kitchen). Innovation Kitchen to most of the visiting guests, even the most Nike employees are restricted, company with a tone of banter in the nameplate on the door, wrote:. "Kitchen powerhouse, No Admittance" In this order sports shoes as a think-tank work center, the designers find inspiration from all areas Cheap air jordans for sale , from the Irish-style building, the arc line on Stradivari violin family made, all-encompassing. Office of the side show of the wall Nike has produced each pair of Jordan basketball shoes (Air Jordan), while in the workplace is filled with new sports shoe design drawings. more profound innovation from Nike known as the father of Phil ?; Knight, a recognized master of marketing. An American sports industry consultant, said with emotion: Mr. Knight can be said to have the power, creating a new industry. He makes athletes to become a star, rich, is he makes sportswear fashion merchandise, is he makes a small business into an international big companies. Nike is the first celebrity to take a firm reputation that way, back in 1973, it will employ long-distance athlete Steve ?; Puri square Ting endorsement of its sports shoes. 1985 hired Jordan (Jordan) as the spokesperson, but Nike fam cheap jordans online e, performance long red. And Nike is also the first to pop music and sports marketing firms combined, in 1987 it is the first to take the Beatles (Beatles) music in the Nike sports shoes in the ad, it caused a sensation. Second, the marketing organization changes In the past few years, Nike greatly expand the product line, and added a new brand. Nike's main commodity original basketball shoes, mainly in recent years, the introduction of golf supplies series, and Tiger Woods as a spokesperson, while strengthening the promotion of soccer shoes to meet the football population increase. Soccer Sporting Goods Series is currently the turnover has been as high as $ 1 billion, a 25% share of the global market, but also up to 35% market share in the European market. Nike has acquired advanced casual shoes brand COLEHAAN, hockey brand BAUER, first name brand sports shoes CONVERSE and slipper Retro jordans for sale y board brand HURLY, and let alone the brand-name business, and achieved good results. Nike's success in sports marketing is unquestionable, but Nike marketing has never stopped questioning. Nike also had to have a few comments to consider: First, with the expansion of the brand, Nike brand is no longer "cool"; the second is spending billions of dollars at every turn Nike style in marketing, exposed the vulnerability of marketing management; Third, Nike in emerging markets, marketing localization is not enough, the marketing is not ideal. June according to the latest financial report, the annual revenues of Nike's reached $ 16.3 billion, up 9%, net income of $ 1.5 billion, an increase of 7%, earnings per share reached 2.93 US dollars, up 11 percent, this is a record result. But the public company as a publicly traded stock, the growth is always pressure, Wall Street only concerned about your future growth come from. Nike's chairman and chief executive officer Mike. Parker (Mark Parker) confident: Nike is now facing unprecedented opportunities for development, we have the insight on consumer products into advantage the unique ability, which is Nike has become an important cause of global industry leaders. Parker's confidence comes from Nike's marketing organizational change. Last August, Charlie Denson, Nike Brand President announced that Nike will be marketing organization and management changes to strengthen the Nike brand and the emerging markets, core products, and consumer market segments contact. The implementation of this change, so that the Nike brand innovation as the support from a product-driven business model, and gradually transformed into the form of a consumer-focused organization, through the key market segments worldwide category management, cost-effective rapid growth. Charlie Denson believe that this is a consumer era in power, any company must shift to consumer-centric. This consumer-centric model has begun to play a role, such as in the Nike store now has Nike + iPod sales mix to meet the fashion-conscious young consumers. Nike strengthened to this end four regional operations center, newly established five core products operations center, four regional operations centers are: the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa, five core products Operations Center are: Running, soccer, basketball, men's training, women health. This is a matrix-style management, the goal is to enterprise resources to critical areas, the core product focus, to seize the largest market business opportunities. Different from traditional matrix management, the key is to realize cross-regional, cross-sector collaboration. In fact, Nike has a successful experience, it is the use of this synergistic matrix management approach, Nike set up a special team, soccer equipment company will market turnover expanded from $ 40 million in 1994 to today $ 1.5 billion. Charlie Denson said: In this way, we can better serve the athletes, better deepen ties with consumers to better expand our market share and achieve profitable growth, enhance our global competitiveness. For example, China's basketball market, to develop synergies by the Asia Pacific operations center and global basketball operations center. Mr. Zhang Ruimin has said he would like to ask Mr. Welch is the best question is: how big companies smaller. Now personally led by Mr. Zhang Ruimin, Haier ongoing large-scale organizational change, change is quite similar with Nike, the core is the synergistic matrix. Perhaps confirms the old saying: Great minds think alike.