January fight, the party must always! Shoes friends, the first stage, we spent a month's time, AJ is carried out by the 31 generation generation contest, has been compared to the 1 generation, after the shoe friends every day to vote, we finally finished the long race, the majority of shoe friends heart AJ is a sort of this result is very valuable, because every day hundreds of shoes friends to vote, everyone is starting from the heart, the result can be used as Nike, Jordan brand in the choice of engraved shoes an import Retro jordans for sale ant reference at the time of payment, the US is still to be released from back to front, the outcome of the relationship according to the outcome of the relationship, no according to the direct outcome of the relationship between the total votes, as follows (for the generation of color is numerous, we try to select the first year of the first color as a reference picture): thirty-first: AJ2012 thirtieth: AJ2009 twenty-ninth: AJ2011 twenty-eighth: AJ22 twenty-seventh: AJ2 twenty-sixth: AJ19 twenty-fifth: AJ16 twen cheap jordans for sale ty-fourth: AJ15 twenty-third: AJ21 twenty-second: AJ2010 twenty-first: AJ20 twentieth: AJ18 nineteenth: AJ9 eighteenth: AJ31 seventeenth: AJ10 sixteenth: AJ30 fifteenth: AJ8 fourteenth: AJ29 thirteenth: AJ7 twelfth: AJ28 eleventh: AJ23 tenth: AJ17 ninth: AJ14 eighth: AJ5 seventh: AJ12 sixth: AJ6 fifth: AJ3 fourth: AJ13 second runner up: AJ4 runner up: AJ11 Champion: AJ1 , I hope you will always remember our experience together [AJ is on behalf of the ring race], together with the memories of our own Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping hand out 1~31 is on behalf of the rankings, just because love! Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor classic indestructible! although the shoes are out last year (August 2010) but yesterday I bought it.. haha!This is the best that packaging. A good laugh...JordanBrand this year will offer a variety of classic white shoes, also will bring the famous HistoryofFlight series! AirJordan "HistoryofFlight" AirJordan1~2010 series contains a total of 25 models, but also to use Nike to create a series of publicity, in 2010 for the first Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping time in the United States of Losangeles SantaMonica NikeTown in the newly opened shop display. has been demonstrated only in the JordanBrand flagship store in the HOF family, now this pair of white and red dress AirJordan13 "HistoryofFlight" will be commercially available! Sure will be officially on July 22nd! pure white shoe body is made of high quality leather crafted, outsole and lined with red embellishment, black lace and overall form bright contrast, followed by the green leopard eyes shining! this year is un cheap jordans online doubtedly the year's sales of the AirJordan13, and the HOF double color is also quite fit Nike this year's "white power" theme, it seems this summer, shoes market will continue unpopular! number: 414571-103 release date: July 22nd an article we said Telisitantangpusen camp price of $225, attracted fans or fans Tucao, he also Tucao with training camp, but also some people Tucao this price in the country is now the price of conscience. Because most NBA players are Americans, so they open training camp are relatively che Retro jordans for sale ap, our country basketball training camp is more than thousands, but foreign NBA players can participate in the training camp for $one hundred or two hundred, RMB back just a few hundred pieces. so why I Tucao Thompson's price is too high, according to our domestic is low, but there is high. Again, Thompson held in China camp, received 1500 yuan, you can go to participate in it? Today we might as well take a look at the major NBA star camp at the highest price, who price, who will be the conscience! Jordan: $800 is cheap jordans for sale mens the first basketball God Jordan, he every year basketball training camp, although now retired for many years, is still a lot of people involved in every year. Jordan's camp at the price of $800 a year, now do not know how the price is 5338 yuan RMB, turn back. This is the price is very high, is not an ordinary child can participate in, but Jordan will guide the scene, it is possible to obtain the signature shoes and so on, if get a pair of Jordan to earn back the fare. James: $650 James will be natural basketball camp cheap foamposites s, and his plan is quite big, participating in a continuous line of fans. James basketball training camp for the price of $650, is 4337 yuan RMB back. James basketball training camp is not money can participate in, are generally excellent middle school, where there are many will be the stars of tomorrow. Bifangkuli and Harden James participated in the basketball training camp. Durant: $300 this is the price of two years ago, the latest price is not found, even if the price will be around $400. This price is quite reas cheap jordan shoes for men onable, Durant often in his camp and fans singled out, is likely to be favored money Oh, but Durant is also very love to send signature shoes in the camp. James : $249 this is the same price of two years ago, is now estimated to be $more than 300, this price is simply the price of Thompson according to conscience. Harden will now pass. In Europe, step three ball, penalty and so on, one does not fall out from the camp, only to harden, even if you don't play baseball, difference. Library: $2000 is not wrong, Curitiba Cheap air jordans for sale training camp last year was $2000, or 13351 yuan, but then his training camp in Hawaii, so it needs less expensive. And Curitiba training camp very carefully, he will always stay in practice where and students, there is a wonderful match, for example, recently broadcast Library in training camp three party shooting contest. Courier and camp.20100722030502.jpg (64.62 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-22 14:27 upload Recently who do outdoor outdoor brands do?? such as Pathfinder. Several days later... (delete... Author: disorderly disorderly upload in 2008-4-27 15:46:29 reading: 4169 recommended: 0 reply: 3 category: SNK shoes information target=" Z.Html" _blank" 〉 X series as a classic clover product line has been highly respected, ZX800 which is a numerous fans, now a lemon to hit ZX800, a high-profile exposure, with a large area breathable mesh collocation yellow grey suede the body of the shoe, although the visual effects class but also to take care of the daily maintenance difficulty proposition is small. , [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, Nike All Court; Mid NIKE 2011 New canvas multi angle attack all star shoes comments on last article: Nike All Court Mid new canvas next article: multi angle attack, NIKE 2011 All Star color shoes nature inspired New Balance recently announced the first wave of 2014 new spy photos, color inspiration from the major national parks in the United States, respectively, using gray water blue and indigo three color distribution on behalf of the earth, the sea and the sky, more detailed information about the shoes we will continue to pay attention to the three paragraph, the shoes will be on sale in January next year, interested friends may wish to pay attention to. UNDERCOVER change CONVERSE? / UNDERCOVER L9F02 series shoes, back to retro / Reebok, Classic, Leather, ", Utility" brand new color design review last article: UNDERCOVER change CONVERSE? / UNDERCOVER L9F02 series shoes next article: push retro / Reebok Classic Leather " Utility" new color design